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May 30, 2007

The Cheeky Bastards!

Earlier today I was using the lift... and saw one of the cleaners going downstairs with a mug of coffee... who's mug? my mug. I didn't saw owt 'cause it's not the end of the world... so long as it's cleaned and put back where he found it.

I got an email at about 2pm... "you can now go back in your lab"

So, in I came... hmm... "where's my mug?"

It was nowhere to be found. Bastards.

Hang on a moment... "where the hell is the kettle? And more to the point... where's the coffee and the sugar?"

Yeah. So the theiving cleaning gypsies have stolen not only my mug and a few others from the lab, but they've also tealeafed, as it were, the coffee, the sugar and the fucking kettle!

Well... I'm not having that... not only did they spend ages cleaning the room - everytime I came to spy on them they were drinking coffee... my coffee... instead of cleaning! I shot off down to see the guy who's been dealing them to tell him of my dissatisfaction... he told me a funny thing...

Our door's on a keypad lock - no code, no entry. They weren't given the code. When they arrived the door was opened for them, when they left it was locked for them. Simple. So... when they'd cleaned the room, the notified the manager and he came to lock up... 5 mins later they came back to him to tell him they'd left something... so he let them back in... and what had they forgotten? Our drinks making equipment!

They were in the middle of utilising it when he came up to see them... so they're going to give it back tomorrow...

On a lighter note, I also noticed that the lab condoms also appeared to have gone walkies... but they'd just been put back in a place miles away from where we left them.

At least the labs sort of cleaner... not that they cleaned the sink... still had the remains coffeeness in there...

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