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March 26, 2007

Shock Horror...

It must be a no news day! Songs of Praise Easter Special isn't filmed on Easter Sunday... it's in fact filmed the day after they do the Christmas Special in November...

I'm a bit lost as to why people are going on about how it's a fix!? And how they are comparing it to the phone-in scandals!

The reason I'm a little lost is that it's not really a big deal that it's not filmed on Easter Sunday... duh... that was obvious it wasn't anyway, so if you're not going to film it on Easter Sunday it matters not a shit when you film it! Nobody seems to be moaning that the Christmas one was filmed in Novemeber!

I don't know... at least I feel safe in the knowledge that "Later With Jools Holland - Hootenanny" is live on New Year's Eve and isn't filmed a few weeks earlier... oh, hang on... scratch that.

Just makes you feel so cheated, don't it?

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