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March 9, 2007

Déjà vu

So... I'm helping out a guy in the Java lab - acutally Java this time... and I was trying to explain to him how the GridBag layout worked...

Whilst I'm doing this the cocky-bastard of the year appeared behind me to ask me to mark his work... he over heard me asking the guy I'm helping if he knows how tables in HTML work - 'cause that's a little how GridBag works... Cocky-bastard then comes out with "Well you shouldn't because they are bad".

To be perfectly honest I'm fed up of arguing with cocky-bastard as he's invariably wrong with the world's most ill conceived views and arguments which just don't work (I could almost start a weekly blog post theme on the stupid stuff he's proclaimed in the lab) - I decided to ignore him on this occasion. To be fair to the guy, in the past when I've used my super powers of logic to shoot him down he's agreed that I had a very valid point.

Item Price
Apples 10p
Bananas 15p

A perfectly acceptable use of tables in HTML, no?

Why déjà vu? Oh look... this happened last year when I was explaining the same thing!

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