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February 26, 2007

John's Birthday and the weekend that was

Over the weekend John was celebrating his birthday. We went bowling. On the way to the bowling place I had a gander through the old house on Claude Street. They've renovating! They're clearly making the front room into a bedroom, but maintaining the use of the front door - this means they're putting a partition wall to make a corridor on the side of the living room. I'm not sure what else they are doing, but I was shocked to read on the sign outside that it is now a 5 bedroomed property! It being 3 when I was there, if you can't remember/never knew.

Bowling was, erm, well, erm, I couldn't be arsed. For me it was a case of get the game over with as quickly as possible - probably getting my lowest score ever - not actually sure what I got 'cause I couldn't even be arsed to find out when the game was over.

In the evening we went out for a Greek meal at Eviva Taverna. The meal was very good and I'd definatly go back again!

We went to a pub and then on to Oceana (after a brief detour trek across town to Ocean - 'cause nobody would believe me when I said it wasn't open on Saturdays!)

Sunday... woo... working in the pub... woo.

Having been promised that the horrible pregnant girl who fancies me would be in to visit me I wasn't exactly looking forward to the evening. But, woo, she was in Leeds, so her friend came in alone to chat me up. God, she's corny.

She was moving her leg rapidly about... I made the error of asking "Why they hell are you doing that?"... "Oh, I do that when I'm horny... whoops, did that come out loud...". Ah well, it's a pity I don't find her face attractive - as she'd be good looking if you chopped off her head, but I'm not into necrophilia. After spending about 30 mins pretending that all of her chatup lines and come ons were flying over my head I decided it was time to run away before she won me over. Got to feel sorry for her, she's trying really hard!

And that my friends is that, well other than all the bits I've left out :-)

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