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February 3, 2007

Broken Beer Tap!

We had a little excitement in the pub last night... the Carling tap we use (there's two) was leaking... so the plan was to clear the line, clean the line and then swap to using the other Carling tap for the next day. Not really a problem...

We cleared the line (always fun 'cause it involves drinking beer) and the pulled both lines through to cleaning fluid... a little later on we pulled through a second lot of cleaner... then it came to pull both lines through to water...

The leaky Carling tap came off in my hand (only the pully down bit, so it's not like there was cleaning fluid splurting all over). Whoops. This meant that there was still cleaning fluid in the line - which we couldn't get out - this is bad.

So, the only way to fix this problem we've created at 4am in the morning, pissed up, is to turn off the gas and release the pressure... and swap the tap heads over in order to allow us to remove the cleaning fluid from the line in a controlled fashion.

One word (which I'm sure anyone who's ever taken things apart before will strike home)... springs... yeah, the contents of the tap went everywhere when we undid it with us having to work out how the hell to get it all back together! Then of course theres the obligatory fighting with the strength of the springs trying to tighten up everything, whilst trying really hard not to apply so much pressure that the whole bloody thing snaps off! Whoops. Ah well... in the end we did it... and the tranplant doesn't leak anymore - bonus!

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