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January 27, 2007

Stuffity stuff...

It's another quick recap post...

Last weekend I went to Joe's for the weekend for his 26th birthday party. It was muchos good. Much beer and gin was drunk and all had a good time. Earlier in the day we were slightly worried that there would not be a lot of girls turning up. This would have been a sad occurance. Well... some girls did turn up and they were lovely :-) Quality not quantity, you see.

I made sure I took my camera with me so that I could take photos of the festivities, but I ended up drinking instead of taking photos! No idea how much I drank, but I would be considered as "too much". Sunday was damned awful - although watching reruns of M*A*S*H is good therapy.

Erm, this week Bo passed her PhD which was good news :-) Good news for her and good news that I might also be able to pass, a nice little confidence booster!

Went out for a Chinese meal with her and lab people on Wednesday. Was quite funny, 'cause there was an extreme level of Chinese on the menu and nto that much English and the bits that were English didn't really tell you what the food was, just that it was pork or chicken or whatever.

We asked if they could bring us out random things from the menu to eat - 'cause we had no idea what the stuff was... and the guy was like "Do you want us to bring out the stuff on the menu or stuff that's more authentic?" Hehe, and I thought the stuff on the menu looked pretty damned authentic!

Erm, went to the pub last night where I must have drunk well over a gallon in about 4 hours. Apparantly I was "really going for it". The not so attractive girl who likes me was in there... bit of a downer on the evening mainly as she makes me feel awkward... 'cause I know when she actually decides she's going to find the courage and say "How about it?" I'm going to have to say "no way José" in a nice and polite manner. Apparantly before I came in they were asking the landlord if I was single or not and if I spoke to him about her... (it would have been awkward if he'd told them the truth!)

Went out for a curry with Sarah, John and John's friend Phil this evening. It was nice to catch up with them both as always.

I don't think there's owt else to say!

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