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October 25, 2006

I don't deserve this...

OK, so Joe's doing some work in Cambridge tomorrow and needs some help. He's asked me to help, and who am I to say no?

Originally the plan was that he'd come up to here this evening, he'd stay over and then we'd head on down to Cambridge tomorrow. The plan then changed when it was decided that as he was in Leicester this afternoon I'd come down and join him, we'd drive to Leamington, stay the night there and wouldn't have to get up as early. Looking at it there's not that much difference between Leamington to Cambridge and Nottingham to Cambridge, but what the hell, I prolly get to go to the pub for local people again :-)

Anyways, so, where am I now? On a train in Nottingham Station.

And how did I get here?

Well, at about half four I looked up on the magical Internet site that John (as in Sarah's John) works for TransportDirect, the magical thing told me to get the 13 to Beeston from the end of my road and then get the 1713 train from Beeston.

Well the bus was late and didn't arrive in time for me to make the 1713 train to Leicester (which would have had me in Leicester about 20 mins ago...).

I went to buy a ticket anyway... and the nice man told me I'd be quicker to go from Nottingham, so got me a Nottingham to Leicester ticket... and told me to get the next train from there and change in Nottingham... not a problem, worries me not.

So, I got on the next train to Nottingham, as the man said.

It managed to get delayed entering the station... as I was waiting on the train I saw the fast train to Leicester pass me by. "Bollocks", I thought.

Not to worry, there was a slow chug chug chug leaving at 1738, I'd get that. But, no, that had left too by the time I got the station.

So, now I'm sat on the 1807 to London St. Pancras, calling at Beeston, Loughborough, Leicester (and a whole host of stations I don't care about)... it just so happens to be the same train I arrived at the station on from Beeston... and happens to be going right back to Beeston on it's way. What a load of toss. I wonder how much cheaper a ticket from Beeston would have been...

I beginning to hate public transport.

I'm never going to start at Beeston station again, it's a silly idea.

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