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October 4, 2006

Google Videos and XHTML 1.1 compliancy

This is a bit of a geeky post - the videos I've posted recently didn't work in Internet Explorer - this is because I changed the <embed> tags to <object> ones, but forgot a bit, which meant that it wouldn't work for Internet Explorer - it worked fine in Firefox and Opera, but I've been bad and given up testing new stuff in IE.

Anyway, I'm clearly going to get pissed off in the future converting the embed stuff into stuff that'll validate to XHTML 1.1 by hand - so I've written this funky thing for meyou!

Dead simple to use:

  1. Find the video you want to embed on your XHTML 1.1 standard webpage...
  2. Select "Email - Blog - Post to MySpace"
  3. Select "Embed HTML"
  4. Copy and paste the HTML in to the box above, and press Submit!
  5. Cross your fingers
  6. The XHTML 1.1 code will magically appear in the box

It's server side - I couldn't be bothered working out regexps in JavaScript, or any JavaScript for that matter... I might make it JavaScript at some point, maybe.

If you think it's broken some how, let me know the code you were trying to convert and I'll try and fix it.

Now, don't go saying I don't do anything for you!

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