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September 12, 2006

So then, the rest of last week

I thought I should really write about the last of rest week - seeing as I didn't feel to have time whilst it was happening - it'll never happen!

Erm, well on Thursday night I went to the pub with Kate for drinks. Seeing as she now doesn't live at the end of my road and we both wanted to be able to walk to the pub we chose one in between. Initially this would have been The Brothers Grimm on Burnley Road - which, according to Google Maps, was ideally situated in between us.

When I mentioned where I was going to my parents they laughed, as the pub is basically at the top of Kate's road and I'd have to walk for miles. It turns out that all the websites that mention the location of the pub get it wrong - they all mention the postcode HX2 7JD, which is the correct postcode for 17 Burnley Road. The problem arises that it's not on Burnley Road, it's on Causeway Head - which has a completly different postcode - OK... so I've just used the Royal Mails online postcode finder and been told there is no 17 Causeway Head... so maybe it is really on Burnley Road after all that... How strange? When I looked in the Phone Book at home it said Causeway Head, I'm sure, now when I look on BTs online business finder it says it's Burnley Road. Ah bollocks to it. Anyways, if you'd like to find The Brothers Grimm, don't use HX2 7JD in map programs, it'll get you nowhere, use HX6 2TG (I've cunningly shown the location of both points on this here map. When looking at a postcode directory at home (wow, paper directory with postcodes in, in this day an age!) a large part of Burnley Road has the HX2 postcode - I think it's funny that a single little side street off it in the middle has an HX6 postcode whilst an HX2 postcode still runs past it down the main road, forming a little pocket of HX6-ness! I suppose it's the point where Burnley Road changes from being in Halifax to Sowerby Bridge.

Anyways, I soon scrubbed that idea of a place to go! We settled on the Allan Fold, a pub I've never been in before. It's a nice pub, a lot larger than I origianlly thought it was and they've just had a refurb so everythings fresh - I'd kind of suggest it to folks that we might frequent it more ofter - the landlord and lady were also very nice and welcoming. It was a little quiet when we were there though, but still good. I drank a little more than I should have done and decided I'd ride Kate back to her house (she'd brought her bike as she'd decided the new location of pub was a little far). This was of course a silly move to make and Kate fell off the bike in the middle of the junction - well the middle of a junction, the edge of one of Halifax's scariest junctions... King Cross, not the best place to fall off a bike! Yeah, I'm silly.

I decided I'd walk home and got a lovely text from Kate thanking me for the tire marks across her torso!

Friday didn't really happen.

On the Saturday I found out I was invited to a BBQ across the road. Woo. Exciting. The ulteria motive was that the host wanted me to sort out something on his computer. Everyone else at the BBQ was at least twice my age, this means it's always quite funny listening to them get drunker and drunker - I refused alcohol until they were all drunk - don't like embarrassing myself at these sorts of things. Yeah, much fun was had at all!

On Sunday it was time to come back to Nottingham!

And there you have it.

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