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September 5, 2006


Just got back - I lie... I sat in the car with Kate and Toph and talked about The Dragon's Den (and basic accounting rules about accounting entities(?)) amongst other things for ages... - from the 6 quiz. We didn't win the chocolates (loosing prize), but my number in the raffle came up trumps! I got choice of the Mystery prize and the Cloth. Now, previoulsy if this has occured I would always go for the cloth (usually a t-shirt, although it has been known to be a tea towel), but I've done that before and found that when I find what the mystry is I think I'd rather have that (usually, a book or something like that) - and I've got 4 t-shirts from the pub quiz already!

Anyways, when given the option I said "Shit!", apparantly that wasn't an option... anyways... I opted for the mystery... and my prize, a book.

How many different books get written every year? and more to the point how many do I read (I'd guess that in the last 3 years I've read about 5 books... I'll check... A Year in the Merde, Disclosure, Black Sunday, The Evil that Men Do, The Haunting, year that pretty much covers it... and my prize... "A Year in the Merde". Shit was close. So, now I have two copies of this book - if anyone wants a copy then talk to me nicely!

The quiz itself wasn't that bad... and I quite liked the music round - "Air Guitar Songs" or something... clearly 1970s rock (which I'm quite into now... just look at what I've been listening to on my charts thing - although that doesn't do iPod listens...). I managed to get annoyed with myself for not getting the Def Leppard and the Thin Lizzy track right though... knew the artist, had to guess the track!

When I got back I had a conversation with my dad about the health of my teeth (him being quite a apt person to talk to about it, being a BDS and all). I was talking about how I should really go to the denist to have my teeth looked at seeing as I've not been since about 1988 or something (think cobbler's children here). He had a looksy and decided that I've got a good set of gnashers, his words not mine. However, the more we talked about the occassional pain (why I said I should see a mouth butcher in the first place) there's evidence of over brushing... and I thought I didn't brush them enough!

A blame my healthy teeth on the flouride supplements I was force fed (actually they were quite tasty) as a child (from birth(ish) until I was 13) and tend to think that anyone who disagrees with flouride supplements must be somewhat wrong in the head - seeing as I've had bugger all check-ups in about 20 years and still have healthy teeth, and it's not like i've looked after them well! Watch me get painful as hell toothache shortly!

Well I've written this post now... (1.36am) but it'll only appear on the web when I've connected my laptop the the Interweb... which will hopefully happen tomorrow when my box of goodies arrives!

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