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August 26, 2006

How drunk?

It was "Ed?"'s last Friday working in the pub last night to celebrate obviously beers would have to be consumed!

"Ed?" is quite well known for getting drunk rather more quickly than he should under normal circumstances, add a few shots into the mix and it all went to pot! Usually he just falls asleep mid conversation and then wakes up a little disorientated - well last night he did the same thing... and when the taxi arrived to take him home he was still fast asleep, so we woke him up and he headed off behind the bar...

We asked him if he wanted a glass of water and he said "Yeah, but I need a piss first". Clearly, we assume at this point he should be going to the toilet, but he just stood there - he's pissing in the sink I thought initially - but he wasn't really stood close enough for that - then it became clear he was actually pissing in the bin!

After finishing relieving himself it was time for him to get his glass of water - but for some reason this involved him filling a half glass with... cocktail sticks instead of water... this is all happening with the taxi driver still sat outside! Eventually he realised the taxi was for him and got a move on.

Oh, how much is he going to get ribbed when he comes in for his Monday shift!

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