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August 24, 2006

Cooking some stuff for the very first time (a-umm, a-umm)

Recently we (well I kind of assume we, maybe it could be the royal we)... have got bored of eating the same sort of stuff for dinner at night. Kind of run out of ideas of things to eat, so I went on the hunt to find stuff that was sufficiently different from the small subset of food we've been eating for the last year.

On Sunday we decided to cook home made beef burgers, they tasted alright, but some what of just of beef to be honest and a bit boring, which I guess it to be expected, them being made of beef and all.

On Monday we cooked Lemon chicken with vegetable rice, which was rather damn nice.

Tuesday, I had no motivation and we had pork chops.

On Wednesday we had Chicken alla Milanese. This was fun to make (especially with some sort of innuendo involved with Chris bashing the chicken and splitting the bag). However, it turned into a bit of a culinary mess with the breadcrumb mix falling off the chicken and burning :-( It tasted alright though (if you ignored the burnt bits), so it'll probably be made again with the knowledge of where it could go wrong. There's a chance in the future that we'll try some stuff from the F-Word... which could be interesting, having seen the contestants messing up cooking the things - that said when it goes wrong for us although I wouldn't pay for it I'm not going to bin it and start again!

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