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July 26, 2006

So, what have I been up to?

I was in the pub last night trying to fix a fridge when some TECcies arrived on their way back from bowling. Afro quite correctly pointed out that I'd not updated the blog in ages. He wasn't wrong.

Well, the theory I'd come up with in the last post did indeed turn out to be guff. As was the theory I came up with a few days later... I'm currently testing the new theory as I write this post... maybe it'll work ;-)...

No idea what happened before Friday last week, so I can't really help you there.

On Saturday I went out into town for the first time in bloody ages, I also managed to have two of the worst pints I've ever had. First one was proper bloody disgusting - to be fair I didn't drink it and gave it the bar back so I could get another one. A new pint arrived from a different bar and although it was drinkable it still wasn't right. Bottles for the rest of the night then.

Sunday I was working in the pub and it was more dead than Elvis. I used my time wisely to make some "dummy" Corona bottles out of tea for a display. They don't look that far from the original, although my dummy Brahma's were much better. 'tis a pity we don't sell it anymore as it was always good craic when girls would come up and ask for a Brazillian...

Then I decided I'd have a look at a fridge that wasn't working too well. I pulled it out and found that it's radiator was full of crap, so cleared it out of crap, put it back and marvellously the fridge cooled down from it's crappy 16 it was holding before to about 5 degrees C by the time I left the pub.

Monday was probably a waste of a day, because I can't remember much of it.

Yesterday evening I was at home and got a phone call from a regular in the pub who was having issues working out how to get Word to make tables and the like - he was trying to copy questionnaire type forms... so I sat and helped him do that, 'twas for beer and money which is good... not so good having beer that early in the evening though having only eaten a sandwich all day. Not to worry!

And this brings us back to the fridge I was fixing last night! There was another dodgey fridge, so I thought I'd use my magic and fix that one. After pulling it out, the radiator was also fluffed up - so after clearing the fluff and putting it all back together I turned on the fridge and put the thermometer on the bar inside to see how my work had done.

Well within a few minutes the temperature had risen to 27 degrees from 26 and by the time I left the pub it was 30 degrees. Tits, I'd made an oven not a fridge. Oh well...

And that's it... I'd tell you the result of my simulation, but it's still running... maybe I've put an infinite loop in it...

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