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July 18, 2006

Just thought I'd share something with you...

I never thought the day would come... at the start of my PhD I didn't really get on with it - I'm sure there are some blog posts early on that discuss this? Maybe?

Well it's nearly 2am and I've got my logbook out scribbling away with my ideas... Well, I think I've just gone and solved a problem I've kept coming up against... time and time again... you know, one of these impossible things you can't work out because you've not got enough information - but then in a stroke of genius come up with an ingenous way of finding out information from nothing...

Of course in reality I'll wake up, try and code my idea up in MATLAB and will realise I probably haven't actually found the "Holy Grail" after all and this blog post and the last 6 pages in my labbook are infact a waste of space to be consigned to my ever growing list of things that might have worked but in reality didn't.

Newton's Notebook

Of course there's always the chance I am right and that in nearly 350 years time people will photograph my notebook like the one above and people will come from all around to look at it. Woo...

(It's one of Newton's notebooks by the way nabbed from Foot Prints of the Lion)

I sense posting this has cursed my new ingenuity, ah well!

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