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July 10, 2006

Woo! Won the bet... go me!

OK, so like it wasn't obvious on Wednesday when Italy beat Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup, but anyway...

That bet being me saying about 2 months before the world cup that Italy or France would win it.

I'm a tad miffed 'cause originally the plan was that I'd give the landlord 2 quid and he'd go to the bookies and put a quid on each of the four teams (my two and his two)... Before the tournament had started he said that he'd not managed to get to the bookies, so we'd just have a little bet amongst ourselves instead... no worries.

After the event it turns out that he had got to the bookies but had decided to put a fiver each on Germany and Spain and didn't bother to put my money on... grrrr...

To think, I'd have like won 16 quid if he'd put my damned quid on.

Ah well, I suppose the only saving grace is that he's now lost twelve quid out of his arrogance :-)

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