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June 1, 2006

Hmmm... alcohol!

Yesterday I did an online memory test thing on the BBC website - I did much better at it than I thought I would do, which was good.

One of the questions made me stop and think though... "how many units of alcohol do you drink a week? (where one unit is 1/2 a pint)"

The highest tickbox was 14+... which is only a pint a night, I'm pretty sure that I drink more than that! So, that got me thinking, how much do I actually drink!? Well last night it was 4 pints (or was it 5...) erm the night before it was 3 or 4... the night before that, erm I dunno it was a long time ago.

So if I can be arsed and still have enough braincells intact and liver withstanding I'll make a new thing for the side bar so that I can try and keep track with what I'm actually consuming on a daily basis. Just did a rough estimate on BUPAs website and got about 56 units a week... only 266% of what I should be drinking a week... That said I'm sure the "safe" limit is set somewhere silly low.

PS How to realise when you think you might have just accidentally served someone who's underaged (or noob to drinking)... a group comes up to the bar and asks for four sambucas... you screw up and give them four shots of tequila because the bottles look similar and you're paying more attention looking at the breasts belonging to the female members of the group... and how do you think "Arse, they might have been too young?" - They don't complain that you've sold them a completly different drink than what they ordered!

Just reminded me of the person who came into the bar and asked "Can I have a double Bell's vodka and coke, please?" to which I responded "Can I see some ID, please?". Hehe.

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