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May 25, 2006

Ah yes, the Royal Mail...

Well, one of my posts which will be on a similar subject seems to have caused quite a stir!

About a week and a half ago I got a card from the Royal Mail saying that there was a packet for me that was too large to fit in our letter box.

I decided that seeing as there's a chance that I won't be in I'll pay the 50p and have it delivered to the Post Office for me to collect...

Easier said than done. I've called up the sorting office on a number of occassions and got no reply - the phone just rings for 5 minutes and then cuts off. It's a tad annoying because since my last post on the subject they've made it a local rate number which picks up (probably at some central location) and puts you on a IVR menu with one of the options to organise a redelivery, which will then call the delivery office. This means that everytime I call I have to pay to listen to the damn ringing tone.

The options on the menu were something like:

  1. To find more about products and services or to make a complaint
  2. To find out more about surcharges
  3. To organise a redelivery

Well this morning instead of my usual 3, I pressed 1 to make a complaint... and got:

"Level 2"

  1. To organise a redelivery
  2. Everything else

Heh, well I ain't pressing 1, 'cause I reckoned that'd put me through to the same place as 3 on the first menu... so 2 for everything else...

Wow, within 2 rings I was speaking to a real person (or a bloody good computer that would pass a Turing test)

She asked how she could help and I told her I was having issues getting through to my local delivery office... "Would that be for a redelivery?"... I was a tad worried she'd tell me I'd chosen the wrong menu option and that she would connect me... but I couldn't lie to her! She said she'd take my details and pass them on to the office on my behalf.

So, if they have this magical ability of not having to talk to the delivery office, why not have a centralised redelivery clearing centre, say in New Delhi that sorts this crap out?

I'll let you know if the packet arrives at the post office or not... that's a lie... I'll probably only tell you if it doesn't arrive!

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