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May 21, 2006

Ain't that a shame... (part deux)

I've just been hearing the lastest gossip from the land of the Shrekkies... apparntly the one who likes me (have I've told you she's bi?) was very friendly with a really nice looking girl this afternoon - apparantlyt they were going on about how great the last night was and how when Shrek left the other girls house in the morning she was smiling all day... hell at one point they went off to the pub toilet for a 15 minute romp...!

The more I was told about this other good looking girl the more I realised that I was infact hearing about the attractive girl I mentioned a while back in a post... and even had a poll about it!

Yup, I've gone and fancied yet another fucking dyke!

Of course... I then thought... she doesn't have to be a dyke exactly... the girl she's been romping with clearly has a bit of hetero- in her 'cause she wants me! Maybe the other girl is the same... the only logical conculsion to get anywhere with the nice girl is for me to use the other girl and put on my evil bastard hat and suggest a threesome! Cunning plan don't you think?!

Clearly it's not a good idea... eww, it'd be bad as hell 'cause I'd still end up having to get jiggy with a severly obsese girl who'd probably end up feeling a little left out in the end!

Woo, home from the pub and it's not light yet!

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