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May 20, 2006

Don't you love it when?

I think I've left a suitably random length of time between the last occurance of what I'm going to talk about and now to make to person who inspired me to make the post anonymous... (not that they'll read the blog but hey... that's possibly one of the points I'm going to make)

Don't you just love it when someone who've you've lost contact with (and who probably doesn't actually like you and you've got no real time for them) but you've still got them on your MSN pops up with something like "Ed!" (obviously with your it'll be your name...)

The rest of the conversation will then be somewhat formulaic - "How are you?"

For both I'll have given one word answers, such as "Hi" and "ok"... well we've not spoken in over a year and even then it was in grunts - maybe a better question for them to ask would have been - "so, let's catch up! How's it been since we last met up?"... heh... to which my simple response would probably be "www.bloged.co.uk" but then yeah... whatever, I'm digressing.

Anyways, that's when it'll hit you... "can you help me with my...?"

Now, due to the obviousness that they were after something from me as they've not spoken to me in ages I'm going to have to start making response to the "How are you?" question another question: "What do you want?". Unfortunately, this is hard for me as I don't do blunt, I'm too polite - although I'm beginning to think that I'm going to have to start!

I think it's MSN that makes this sort of thing evil - in the olden days when you'd have to phone up someone to ask them for a favour or what have you it'd be fine - 'cause you can see that fact you can only communicate by phonecall was partly the reason you've not been keeping in touch - but when you see someone online everyday for the last two years and they've never said "Hello" until they want to bow down to your greatness and ask a question it's a bit sad - more so if they're being a tad two faced! Yes, I've never said "Hello" to them, but that's because I don't actually want to!

Blah, it's turned into a real ramble... I know that I've been guilty of doing it in the past - probably on more than one occasion to be honest but thinking back maybe only to one person (multiple times)... if you think I've done it to you then it's probably you I'm talking about... sorry.

If you think that this post is possibly talking about you, then I'm probably not - as I've said the person who did it recently and inspired the post won't read the blog because they don't actually like me! That said I'm sure that there are people who read the blog who don't actually like me also and just read it to pass the time! Ah well... so there we go! Ramble ramble ramble...

I'm intrigued as to how many other people this happens to and if they find it obvious that the person's only talking to them because they are a big two-faced-user?

Also, a big sorry to all the 15 people who are currently online (and all the other people who are online sometimes, but not as I write this), about 13 of which I've not spoken to in ages and seem to have completly lost touch with - I guess you'll know what's going on in my life if you're reading (and if you don't you don't really care) and I'm in the wrong for not finding out what's going on in your life!

Good luck understanding all that drivel! Laters.

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