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May 2, 2006

No broken clocks around here mate...

Heh, an Estates electrician has just been to remove the 'dangerous clock' that's hanging from the wall... unfortunately, he can't actually find the dangerous clock... because it's back on the wall, all fixed, as good as new.

Good that they keep to a good schedule of fixing 'dangerous' things around here isn't it...?

I told him what I'd done and he was fine with it. He then seemed a little amazed - "It's telling the correct time!", he exclaimed. I pointed out that I was hardly going to put it back on the wall showing the incorrect time :-)

A few minutes later (as I was in the middle of writing this post) he came back in the lab... "there's a clock that's wrong down on the other side of the lift, can you show me how you correct it?"

Upshot is both clocks on the 10th floor are correct :-) and there's someone else with the know how of how to set the blasted things :-)

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