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April 30, 2006

A whole mingle of stuff

Some of you may know that for the past however long I've been attempting to write a paper on an 'amazing' discovery/theory I've come up with whilst doing my PhD... this has paper has been in the process of being written on and off over the last year or so... well last week we thought it was all finalised and that I'd be able to send it off...

The only problem with the theory was that we couldn't really find a way of applying it to anything... without everything being super complex and the need for everything to be fluffy and ideal. Last week I stupidly (well some might say geniusly) came up with a use for said theory... now my tutor doesn't want me to publish because he doesn't want anyone else to work out what's possible and wants us to patent the method...

So that was pretty much all of last week work wise - oh we've started using the light source I made with LEDs again... although we've found that the controller box gets super super super hot... so I've had to add some fans to blow air into the box. Of course, if you remember, I'm an expert at bodging the cooling of electronic equipment...

I've been watching Prison Break on Channel 5 every week for I don't know how long... Anyways, I got fed up of the suspense so have had to accquire all the episodes to the present date which have been broadcast in the states. This has ended up with a week of late nights whilst I've been watching them all! Whoops. I just thought I'd admit that I think Sarah Wayne Callies is lovely, ok so maybe not as much as Evangeline Lilly but beggars can't be choosers!

Yesterday I went to a BBQ and Sarah and John's house and then went ice skating in town - first time since before I went to Florida... it felt a little ropey to be honest but at least I didn't fall over :-)... just a few stumbles and almost falling-over-ness!

It was nice to meet up 'cause I haven't seen them in ages - sorry I was knackered for most of it!

And that's I'm afraid is about it.

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