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March 29, 2006

Almost time to present my work...

Tomorrow I've got to present the work I've been doing for the last year and a half to the rest of my research group - about 30 people.

I'm not terribly looking forward to it - a million times less forward to it than the other times I had to present during my undergrad times when my performance actually mattered. The reason being is that it's not a little project I'm talking about, it's a year and a half solid work I'm meant to be talking about... to people who are all experts in the field.

It doesn't help matters when my tutor has become obessed with telling everyone he meets that they should come to the talk 'cause it'll be dead good. No pressure there. To be honest I've found most of the other talks I've had to listen to not that great and I do hope mine will be better... (I've tried very hard to make it easy to follow - instead of showing a miilion graphs which nobody will understand... there's some maths in it which could vex people though... hmmm...)

When reading the title of my report one guy has even cut short his holiday in Dublin to come back and see it. Bloody hell. Hope it's not a wasted trip for him!

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