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March 26, 2006

Woo... tired...

On Friday I got a call from Joe asking if I was busy on Saturday. Nope, I wasn't. So would I like to do some more networking... yeah ok.

Good good. Then it dawned on me that Friday's are my getting stupidly drunk in the pub night. Hmmm... and I had to be in Leicester at sometime around 9am... hmmm...

Means must, I decided, so intended on not drinking that much.

Whoops. Good intentions and all that... so I arrived back at about 3am and tried to work out what time to get up at. I think I managed it quite well.... although I felt really really sick on the bus going to the station (£1.30!? How longs the 5 been that much?) and nearly got off early.

Upon getting on the train I thought... hmm this looks all rather posh to be standard class... must be first class and carried on walking through the train... when I got the the end I decided it all looked the same and sat down.

Then I noticed a First Class menu stook in a side pocket... hmmm... I'll see what happens I thought to myself...

Sure enough when the ticket person came along I was moved in to the other carridge, which was identical, appart from it saying "These seats are for standard ticket holders" on the windows. If only I'd noticed that as I was walking through, trying not to hurl.

If they're going to convert what clearly was a first class carridge into a thridstandard class carridge by simply adding some labels to the windows, they could at least make it more obvious... big sign maybe... or how about making First Class more classy? Have the scrolly thing say "First Class" maybe? Dunno. Maybe if I had been 100% I'd have understood what class was which...

Anyways... I got in Leicester at 9.30 and we went to the site...

Day went ok apart for me manage to make myself bleed at every opportunity!

Originally I was going to go home with Joe to have some drinks with him, however I decided that I'd probably die if I drank anything so went home.

Was a bit worrying at Leicester station, there were about 20 coppers dotted around all over the place! Oh well.

I slept well last night! Even though some time theiving bastard stole an hour from me ;-)

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