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February 1, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview!

Microsoft has just realeased it's IE7 beta 2, and much as I hate to say it, it seems kinda funky. It's got tabbed browsing support (although it's crap like Firefox in that I've not found a way of making the tabs windows within the main one (MDI style)).

The RSS reading feature is nice and sleek. And to be honsest it looks in general - the font rendering is brilliant!

My blog looks great in it... although it seems to think the post on the Royal Mail being Poo is a phishing site... hmmm... there's a button to click to tell Microsoft that it isn't though, with is nice.

It also thinks that I need to download the "QuickTimeCheck Scriptable Object" to view my blog to it's full potential - which I'm not terribly convinced about! I might have a look into that... :-/

Another feature I think could be useful is a nice tool called Quick Tabs, which allows you to view all the opened tabs at once as little thumbnails - handy if you've a lot of tabs open on a subject but you can't remember what the title of the page was you wanted to look at.

It's apparantly got transparent PNG support as well - although I haven't gone on a mission to find a site which uses them to check it out fully.

All in all a big improvement over IE6. Go and check it out for yourself if you like - over at Microsoft's site.

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