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January 20, 2006


Do you remember the larger than life girl who wanted a bit of Ed in her?

Well, for some reason unbeknown to me and anyone else I talk to in the pub she's become a bit of an item. Crazy!

Waaaaay back on power cut night Damo tried it on with her... and they ended up snogging (not used that word in ages...) at the bar. Clearly I blame the lack of lights and the beer they'd drunk for this occurance to occur - let's put it this way... you'd want nothing to do with either of them!

They left and went back to her house for a bit of action... but unfortunately her house had electricity and she thought better of it when she saw him in good light! Apparantly (I'd left at this point) he came back to the pub asking everyone if they had a condom... "she won't let me do it without one, waaah, waaah... sob sob...".

She then came back around for some reason and told the landlord he had no chance! Hehe... What's even more sad about this part of the story is that the guy has a girlfriend waiting for him at home and he's out wanting to shag randoms in the pub!

Well last night there was someone else who was all over her like a rash and she was trying to edge away from it all as politly as possible! Whoops.

I was a bit stuck as what to do... clearly I could have been the knight in shining armour and gone over and talked to the both, but I'd see that as me leading her on! I did feel quite sorry for her and the guy who was trying it on too I suppose 'cause it was obvious he was going to get absolutely nowhere, and embarrass himself!

No doubt he'll be getting some real shite at work today for his attempted actions of lust!

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