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January 16, 2006

Catching up...

I've just realised after that post that I've gone over a whole week without any updates - this hasn't been because nothing interesting has happened (what I find interesting and what you do may differ I guess), but because I've been too tired/drunk/whatever to be arsed to type it into a blog post. And to think that my New Year's resolution was to start to blog more... whoops!

Remember I told you about Jon, (he's the husband in that post - [name changed])... and his wife being barred? Well last week it was quite funny as we realised the benefits of having you wife barred from your local! It means you can take your bit on the side into the pub and get her pissed right under your wife's nose and she won't even know about it! You can play away from home, at home!

When he's been out a long time his wife usually phones up the pub to ask if he's in there - and she did indeed do it this time too - Jon almost answered the phone 'cause it was next to him... luckily the landlord got there and told him he'd answer. "If it's for me, I'm not here," says Jon. So why did you almost answer the phone in the first place you drunken fool! You've got to love him.

In the last fortnight Lost has ended, which means no more Evangeline Lilly for a while :-( [almost sounds like a Just Ant post, tee hee]. But as Shameless has begun it's not too bad and by the time the current series has finished it'll be time for season 2 of Lost to begin... :-)

In other news I've done bugger all - other than get drunk and sleep. Oh I've started playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory the third game in the Spinter Cell series, 'tis quite cool although I'll prolly have it completed soon.

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