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October 21, 2005

Another postcard!

You might remember that in April I received some postcards from New York.

Yesterday I got this postcard all the way from Denver, Colorado.

Same handwriting as that on one of the others. This time it had some text on it... "This is how I'd do it". If you'd not worked out it's people harming one another... the title of the work is "I don't like you". Nice innit?

Obviously, what's most interesting is that the postcard appears to be from the San Fransicso Museum of Modern Art, and not Denver. And the person who sent me the last one (although claims like mad she didn't, 'cause there'd be no reason to send it) happens to live in SF and erm, have just got back from Denver. Ooooh, I wonder who the mystery postcard sender is? Could it be the person I thought it was all along?

She doesn't know I've moved though... so the postcard had to be forwarded to me from ClaudeStreet - obviously she might know I've moved now if she reads the blog? But where to, that is the question, isn't it?

Games, games, games.

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