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September 15, 2005

Gatwick Airport...

It could be said that I'm slightly annoyed. I don't suppose I would feel as annoyed as I currently do if it wasn't for the fact that in the last day and a bit I've only had about 1h30 good hours sleep.

I'm still stuck on the wrong side of the departure lounge (ie check-in) and I've now been here since we arrived at the airport at 9.45am... it's now just gone 5.15pm. The plane was meant to leave at noon... but is sitting broken in Luxembourg as I've probably already told you in my WAP update to the blog! So far we've managed to glean that it's one of the engines which is slightly broken...

I'm not sure when exactly I'll actually be able to post this mind... 'cause I'm not paying 5 quid for one whole hours Internet connection in the airport... time will tell. Currently I'm nmapping the wireless network to see if I can find some sort of open proxy someone might be running on a laptop which they have paid to use the Internet on... heh :-)

I've just got a tiny bit excited when I found that one of the machines in the subnet was running Apache... then I realised it was my laptop. Doh!

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