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June 10, 2005


Not much to talk about really... or that I can post on the blog without making things possibly go pear shaped in the future.

Skating yesterday was really cool. Loads of stuff just seemed to happened right! Only fell over once too...

The girls that have been confusing me for a while have become slightly more clear. In an interesting twist way. We were talking about how I was a tad scared that the 'running-man' fancied me. The running man being a mighty humourous guy who we see every week and who doens't really skate... more like runs in the most ungraceful fashion.

After talking about it... to following conversation happened...

Erm, I've a question to ask, don't go taking it the wrong way... erm, right, well... erm... you know... erm, your friend in the red t-shirt... well erm, is he well, erm, you know...
Ed (knowing damn well she wanted to say gay...)
Erm... you know like what?
He's, you know, quite, erm, camp.
(laughs) You want to know if he's gay?
Yes, is he gay?
Yes and my other friend is too.
Long pause...
And you?
Nah, I'm straight.
Ed looks for a look of relief meaning that 'Phew, that's luck, I don't fancy a gay guy'... this didn't really happen though...

She skates off to tell her other friend. Apparantly they've been wondering about our sexualities for ages now... two out of three ain't bad I suppose.

So, I'm thinking, phew, now they know I'm not gay, maybe this is the time to make the all important first move...

Right, I've got to go now and relieve the babysitter, my daughter's not well and I'm no longer with her dad.
Ah ok, see you in a fortnight then!

Still trying to work out what I do now... although I'm guessing she's not interested, but who knows...? and should I be interested. I don't really see any good reason why not to be.

After skating I went to the pub and had long discussions about the crazyness of last week. I left at abotu 4am... arse.

Didn't feel at all well this morning :-( Managed to stagger on to campus for my lunch date which was cool. Took me about 1h30 to eat one sandwich!

This evening's been a bit crap, not felt like doing anything at all :-( Oh well... almost couldn't be arsed to write this blog post, what's the world coming to?

Woo, there are also plans for a hoilday to Florida. Something cool to look forward to! Woo, yeah!

Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?

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