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May 6, 2005

New Random Sidebar Feature

I've just got a little bored. So I've added a new thing to the Random Sidebar Changing Thing

What does it do, I hear you all cry out aloud...

Top Ten Posts visited this month...
  1. A clever bit of Phishing!
  2. Behold... it's the deadline-o-meter!
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Hibernation, Wake-on-LAN and DHCP
  5. Networking in the Moors
  6. British Army's Show me the way to Armadillo Spoof!
  7. Holly the Hedgehog
  8. Last 10 search engine searches...
  9. Grid aware kettle?

Some of the posts that are in the top ten are interesting - mainly as they don't get loads of comments. I'm guessing that lots of them are purely there due to being the next post after something more interesting I wrote...

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