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May 17, 2005

British Army's Show me the way to Armadillo Spoof!

According to the BBC News website a spoof video of 'Show me the way to Amarillo', as performed by the army in Iraq managed to crash the MoD's email servers as people were emailling it between one another. Whoops!

There's an ickle version of the video on the BBC's site, but after much searching Chris found the original.

There's no way in hell I'm hosting it... if it breaks the MoD, it'll break my little box... but hey you can find it here - just select "Amarillo - The Desert version" and wait for it to download... :-)

That said the guy who hosting it's box seems to have died now... whoopserage!

52Mb at 2060K bits/second, I think the people who made it should have compressed it some what more, don't you think!?

Update: So, the server is linked to is dead now (no big suprises there). I've found a .torrent of a slightly reduduced quality version of the video (it's 41Meg). If you don't know what .torrent files are, or how you would use them to download something, look at this Using Bittorrent tutorial - it might head you off in the right direction.

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