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May 2, 2005

Leamington and Fire!

On Saturday night I was in Royal Leamington Spa (woo look... I spelt it right. Go me!). The plan was to run a network cable in Steve's flat so that he could use the Internet in his study without the crazy lengths of telephone extension. He's also quite like to be able to watch things on his TV and X-Box without having to burn them to DVD first.

Problem one was the the cable clips we had were too small for Cat5 - bit of a bugger. When we started there wasn't really enough time to drive to B&Q to buy some more... the closest being in Coventry. Shhhhh, Joe... I don't want to know about all the local places in t Leamington where such things could be bought!

We gave up and went out for some beers, a meal and then into a club instead.

After a road trip to Coventry the cabling got done in the afternoon. Wikky. It's cool when you can put in one cable and everything just works so much better! Well I think so anyway!

Then in the evening it was time for the TEC BBQ I'd agreed to host at my house. It was loads of fun to be honest! Woo yeah. To make things interesting we, erm I, decided to steal nextdoor's bonfire thing. Heh. No we didn't ask. We also didn't ask if we could burn the large amounts of wood in their backgarden. I'm sure that they won't mind too much!


At one stage... well many :-) somebody got over excited... here would be the aftermath where more ash ended up outside the fire than in! Whoops!


You must have been really boring if you didn't attend. Well boring... or too far away.

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