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April 22, 2005

Last day of the LED conference...

Humm... well today (yesterday really, but I penned the post on the train on the way back and didn't type it up last night...) has been a bit more boring that yesterday. I had quite a nice chat with a designed of LED driver chips. It's cool. I said what I wanted to do, and he drew me an brief circuit outline... not sure if I'll use it, but it has given me some good ideas!

I was meant to be going on an LED safety workshop at lunchtime, but it didn't seem to happen. I was quite worried that it had happened and I'd missed it. But in the end it turned out that the guy who was meant to be doing it had got better things to be doing.

They ended up with a stand in doing it at the end of the conference instead. Which was a tad annoying as it meant that I missed my train home.

This meant that the fastest way home was to go via Leicester (on a train heading towards Standstead Airport). It just seemed so wrong!

As I write this I'm on the Leicester - Nottingham leg of the journey. The only bonus of going through Leicester is that I get to listen to the Leicester station announcer again. She has a seriously 'fit' voice!

In case you're wondering, I didn't resort to a taxi to get to the venue today. Instead I walked from the station and didn't use a map once. This sort of shows that my sense of direction is much better when it's not confused by maps which tell me things which aren't as they seem!

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