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April 17, 2005

Upgrade Firefox again!

Guess what?

Yeah... yet another Firefox security release has been made!

It doesn't appear to be in all languages yet "English (British)" hasn't been made for download yet for example. But looking at my logs there aren't that many people who actually use the English (British) one, even if they are in the UK.

Anyways, you might want to update... you might want to leave it until there's a version where colour is spelt correctly and have the possibilty of nasty people running malicious code on your computer. It's your call!

Quite happy that loads of people seemed to updrade after my last rant on the matter - yeah I know that I'm not really the reason why so many people have upgraded... (that said have you ever done a websearch to find out how to "upgrade firefox"?). So far this month, 7.3% of users have come using 1.0.2, and only 4.6% using 1.0.

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