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March 25, 2005

Upgrade Firefox!

As you probably know now, I'm a bit of a server log freak... currently 14.6% of visits to the blog this month have been with some version of Firefox. What interests me is the break down of versions people have used to view with!

Now, I'm not sure why Firefox seems to have done so well in an attempt at breaking IEs stronghold. Maybe it's more user friendly, or something. Maybe it's because apparantly it's more secure... maybe it's because it's not Microsoft. Who knows?

Well if it's because it's more secure and more user friendly etc... I'd have thought that people who'd gone to the trouble of installing and learning how to use a new web browser would try and keep it updated to the latest version?

Firefox 1.0.2 was released on, I'm guessing, judging by my server logs, the 23rd March. You might want to get it because it fixes some security issues. Firefox 1.0.1 had been out for a while before that (whch also fixed a load of issues)... and yet most visitors in the last month have used version 1.0.

It always humours me why people seem to use old versions of software - yeah I suppose it is hassle to upgrade (although not really with Firefox - click on the red arrow thing on the top right - with a hover text of 'critical updates avaliable' or something...). It's amazing how many different versions of IE people use to visit the site with! Prolly every version from MSIE 3.0 (released in 1996?) up to version 6!

So, yeah. Upgrade your browser :) There's no reason not to... unless you use an old OS... but you could alwasy upgrade that too ;-)

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