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April 11, 2005

Bit of a ramble...

I've not been posting much to this for a while... that's sort of a lie, isn't it? I mean I've posted some large posts, but not frequent ones. This has mainly been due to not that much going on at the moment.

For the last, erm, no idea, but a fair long time now I've been quite sad inside. Not terribly sad on the outside, but I'm sure the observant might have realised. As to why I'm sad I don't really know! I know I've not been sleeping that well due to thinking about loads of things every night! It probably doesn't help that everytime I try and fall asleep I write a blog post in my head, which I always intend to write in reallife in the morning. Maybe to help clear my head, maybe to admit what I'm thinking about. Who knows?

I've not actually put fingers to the keyboard to express the verbal diarrhoea which washes around in my brain almost every night. It's not the same things I think about every night. Which is good. Otherwise it'd get a tad monotonous, don't you think? It's just loads of stuff that's worrying me or really getting on my tits at the time. What's annoying me is that the tollerance for things getting on my tits is at an all time low and the lack of sleep and this is making me even more irritable.

Rah! Just need to let it all out. Rah! Rah! Grrrr! Rah!

There we go. I think I'm missing hugs :-(

I should cheer up really otherwise someone (you probably know who you are) will probably try to kick my ass back into happiness.

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