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March 25, 2005

Ancient Digital Camera!

Yesterday I was looking around the lab at all of the things that would have been the major component of someone from yesteryear's researching efforts. There's a little bit of history where ever you turn, like me coming across cases full of electrical equipement, previously used to measure fetal heartbeats - complete with 5¼″ floppy drive. I doubt that anybody now knows how to use and analyse the results from these!

Then I came across this gem:

Micro Robotics EV1 Camera

It's a really ancient digital camera - complete with driver software on cassette! I wonder how many pixels it has!

In the background of the photo you can see the silhouette of the uber camera I'm using to collect data for my PhD. I wonder whether that'll end up hidden away in the lab somewhere, with people in 20 years posting about it on their blogs about how amature it looks!

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