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February 11, 2005

Cleaning Fairies (grin) and Afro's Birthday

Last night it was Afro's birthday. Decided to go into town and have a few drinks with him. Upon asking Anna if she was going she ummed and urrred and then decided it was a great idea, but wasn't sure where exactly where the place it was at was. It was decided she'd come here first and then we'd get the bus in to town.

At about 6pm I get a phonecall from her and she manages to invite herself around for dinner - saving walking all the way across campus to hall and then back again! Sort of changed John and my eating plans due to quanties... had to have pork chops instead of chilli.

To make up for the free-nicer-than-hall food she did all the washing up, about 3 days worth, cleaned the kitchen floor, and wiped down all the kitchen surfaces :-) If only all our guests did that! I'll have to invite her around next week, the bathroom currently mings :-D

Got into town to find that Wetherspoon's had run out of most beer. Ah well. Highlight of the night was Rob asking me to speak up! LOL! It was a fun night, even though there weren't that many of us.

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