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February 10, 2005

I knew there was a reason I should know French...

Just been trying to phone a sales person about LEDs. He's quite hard to find. He's usually away from his desk in a meeting or what have you. Very annoying.

Anyways... this is how the converstation went... (names changed to protect the innocent)

<Ring ring... ring ring... ring ring>
Guy: Hello sales.
Ed: Hi, can I speak to Dave please.
Guy: I'm sorry. He's in France at the moment.
<pause... Ed thinks fucking arse>
Guy: I can put you through to him if you like.
Ed: Yeah, that'd be great.
Guy: OK
<plinky plonky hold music> <Ring ring... ring ring... ring ring>
Girl: Je n'ai pas vécu ici longtemps. J'aime mes oeufs bouillis. Le chat est sur la natte. (I've paraphrased somewhat)
Ed: Erm... ah... erm... ah... erm.... Je voudrais... parler... avec... erm... Dave?
Girl: Ah oui. He's in a meeting.
<pause... Ed thinks fucking typical>
Girl: Would you like to leave a message
Ed: Nah you're alright, when's he back in England
Girl: Monday. You sure you don't want to leave a message?
Ed: Yeah. Thanks.

Bloody international companies. Good service I suppose!

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