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February 9, 2005

Pancake day... and more...

Tonight Sarah was here because she has a scary job interview tomorrow... erm today. Alex and Lizzie also came for tea. More bloody people who are engaged. Jesus. I'm such a gooseberry. Do Sarah and John know anyone who's not married/getting married... other than me and my friends at home? Yesterday was also pancake day. How exciting! We had had pancakes for desert and everything. Ah, the memories of yesteryear when I'd put how to make pancakes on the web.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm not happy now with who I live with now, but boy looking back at the old ClaudeStreet site, some "off our tits" fun was certainly had! Almost every night - well it pretty much felt like it!

What with the late night gaming, drinking, joking and ingenuous bodges to anything from weighing sugar without scales, to fixing cupboards with curry jars - fix still in place by the way! And who can forget the infamous lamp shade?... oh everyone... except Tom maybe? I was going to make a special feature page for it... because it's image intensive... instead I'll put it on the Continue... part of the page - if you're viewing the whole post you'll get it anyway! Yadadada

It was pure class - with the funny photos to prove it. Now it's just gone midnight. I've got to go to work in the morning and everyone has all gone to bed :-( I want to sit up and talk shit with someone drinking whilst whiskey and selecting tunes until 4 in the morning with not a care in the world.

Calling Elvis
Is anybody home
Calling Elvis
I'm here all alone
Did he leave the building
Can he come to the phone
Calling Elvis
I'm here all alone

To all the people who understand... that'll be just Russ and Ant then, oh well!

It's also Chinese New Year. To the year of the cock, I mean rooster ;-)!

The ClaudeStreet Lamp Shade

Once upon a time there was a really active site called ClaudeStreet. It was the diary of a student house and the antics we got up to. We used to try and photo everything and record it forever on the web.

There once was a plan to get one of the lampshades we owned to become famous - so we tried to get it in every shot... even the close ups. Mainly in a hope that someone would notice. We soon gave up on this plan... which was a tad sad :( Oh well! Anyway he's some of the photos as a memory and so they are easy for me to find in the future. Looking back it's not as funny as it was at the time! Life's like that!

Lampshade and Spag Bol

Lampshade and Pickleing Vinegar

Lampshade and Houseparty

Lampshade and Ant's coursework

Lampshade and Lanzarote!

Lampshade and Lanzarote!

Lampshade and Lanzarote!

The biggest appearance of the shade had to be on the how to defrost spag bol post!

In case you are wondering... Larry the Lampshade - as I've just named him right this moment currently sleeps next to me on my bed light :-)

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