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January 10, 2005

Revision Timewasting?

Well, in a hunt for info about roads and stuff I've come across a few websites with loads of information about the UKs classifed road network. At first I described this as a sad thing to do, but now, after reading a bit of info about why the roads are like they are and the history and stuff I've found it quite interesting! And very time consuming... great if you want some relief from exams or whatever!

The first of these sites is what is aiming to be a description of all the A roads, from the A1 to the A999. Obviously, some folks have a little too much time on their hands...

The next one is the Pathetic Motorways site. Which lists the motorways of the UK which it defines as pathetic. Did you know that there's a motorway in the UK without a number? Interesting huh? It's called the Walton Summit Motorway. Some of the ones mentioned are quite funny and pointless.

On a transport related theme... I also found this site about Disused Stations on London's Underground quite interesting and moreish. You might not however be as big a geek as I.

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