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November 9, 2004


My legs hurt. Just had to wait fot 1h10 to get my MMR injection. And what's worse than having an injection...? having the press to photo it being done. Not that I worried too much, 'cause there were two girls (attractive-ish) who'd been photographed just before me, so I thought I'd be safe.

But no, according to the reporter dude who interviewed me at great length, they'll prolly use my photo 'cause I'm the only male the photographed and as I'm worried about getting mumps and then becoming infertile it'd make a great story. Now I'm just hoping I looked too happy (laughing at how long it took to 'set the scene' on the table [whilst there's a friggin' needle in my arm] - moving the sharps bin etc to make it look just right)

Guess I'll have to have a gander in the paper tomorrow and see how silly I sound.

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