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November 4, 2004


You might have noticed this:


Appear in my siidebar.

It's quite a clever idea. The idea is to find out who's blogs influenced the birth of new blogs. Now, I've got this quite bigheaded theory that my blog is the reason why most of my friends also now blog. And now the friends of my friends also blog (thinks Dunelm peeps)! Thought it'd be cool to see who's blog actually made the other people think 'Hey, I'll start a blog too'.

The blog that made me decided to do ClaudeStreet in a blog has died a long time ago, so I can't link it... 'Good Grief'!

So, yeah, sign up and then tell your readers, so if you inspired them they can sign up too!... now why do I get the feeling that nobody is going to do this?

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