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October 28, 2004

5, 6, 7, 8...

I decided to call the landlady about the shoddy goings on in the bathroom :-) Mainly because I was annoyed about the sheer mess that I came home to today. It was mighty funny, with lines coming from her like 'that doens't sound like him', and 'the woods all squidgy you say, that's not very good'.

Think I'll be off to work early tomorrow, don't want to be there when he arrives! She's also coming down to inspect the 'workmanship' as well :-)

Speaking of my fave cowboy, I've just found the post on the ClaudeStreet about the new kitchen install he did :-) Along with the photos... we found another problem with it last night when we moved the freezer... you couldn't actually move it because the wire was trapped behind the cabinets, and the plug wouldnt' fit!

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