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October 13, 2004

Birthday '04

Yeah, it's a bit in advance I know. But I've decided that this year I'm going to organise things really in advance. Last year nothing happened due to me being a miserable fuck and the year before things were like organised on the day and people moaned like bastards 'cause they got left out.

Matt and I are having a birthday party at our house on the 12th November. It's Matt's actual birthday and I'm tagging along 'cause I'm in London for my real birthday. The plan is that we go out for the traditional Ed's birthday "Taste of India" curry and then come back to the house to get arseholed and drink the night away.

Pretty much anyone who reads the blog is invited! Of course I'm sure that some of you are undesirables to me or Matt. me if you are up for curry action - people from home, as in Halifax, are more than welcome, it's a Friday and we have loads of beddage. Well two double sofa beds and floors and stuff.

I'm not going to invite people individually to save people making up lame arse excuses as to why they can't come if I ask them, instead just don't come and I'll think you're silly if you don't! I know this is a silly way of doing things, leaving people thinking shall I come or not, but hey, I'm sure everyone isn't as paranoid as I am on the "am I really welcome or does he think I'm a twat?" front!

Yeah, so that's that. Please come or I'll feel like I don't have any friends.

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