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October 12, 2004

Illogical arguments

I'm becoming increasingly annoyed with people who argue and insult people with completely flawed logic behind their arguments.

Here be the example:

I arrive at the lift on the ground floor. Both lifts are going up, and some working dude who works in the department seems to be fuming.

Me: Been waiting long then?
Him: Yeah, when I arrived the lift was on floor 2. Then it moved up to floor 3. You know what that means? Some lazy sod has used the lift to go up one floor.

Or alternatively, someone on floor 2 wanted to go to say floor 10, someone on floor 3 also did. Both called the lift on their respective floors. The lift stopped at both floors to pick them up.

Then once in the lift some lazy sod did indeed go from G to 2. I seem to remember both me and the guy called them lazy sods and that they should have used the stairs like the sign says to outside the lift.

'We're late and in a rush', she says.

The lift stops at floor 1, but it's full so noone gets in and the people outside the lift decide to use the stairs... stating "it's quicker". Now if you've ever used the Tower Building lift before you'll prolly know that if nobody gets in the lift gets all confused and doesn't move for ages, then it starts to get angry and buzz. Finially it moved off and I pointed out to the silly lazy girls that it'd have been quicker to walk.

"Would it," they asked.
"Yeah," says the worker, "or are you so unfit it takes you a minute to climb two flights of stairs?"

When they'd gone the worker told me that what was needed was a panel to put over the 1 and 2 buttons on the lift, with a padlock, so you could only go to those floors if you were moving something heavy. I didn't bother to tell him the flaws in this idea - such as it being annoying if say I want to go to lecture room 201 from my lab on the tenth floor and would have to go via floor 3. If you're going to do that you might as well only let the lift stop on say every 3rd floor normally.

What's really required is electrocution on the buttons if you press a button for a floor that is say 2 floors or less away. That'd learn the buggers.

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