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September 26, 2004

So, that's that over with then

Well there haven't been any updates for like ages dudes?!

That's sort of all been the worst week at Nottingham's fault. But now it's all over, so I can try and sleep normal hours and not get stressed over silly things like:

  • the best way to fold/roll up a drape
  • what the best way is to lift a box
  • how to take apart truss
  • what kind of tape is the best to tape up drapes
  • how to get stupid stands into vans
  • where the fuck I'm going to find power to plug the control racks in with
  • where my jumper/bag has got to at the end of the night

I'm amazed I lasted as long as I did to be honest. Tuesday fucked me off, Wednesday more so, Thursday was alright I suppose. Friday is what ticked me right off. Mainly because all of the things that were needed were on the other side of the bloody campus at another hall, or still in the storeroom - logistically Friday took the piss in elephant sized proportions. So yeah, I jacked Friday off, eventually, and went out in to town. Didn't do much for the Saturday event, as to be quite honest I didn't care anymore.

Now if only I could remember some of the funny quotes from the week.... but I've forgotten them all.

Statistics for the week:

Bruise count: 10
Scab count: 16

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