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September 20, 2004

Woo. Freshers' Address 2004 is over!

Well today I attended my, erm, 17th Freshers' Address! OK, so really it's 5 with lots of the 17 being almost carbon copies. This Freshers' Address I found out something new!

Well not really, it's something I'd thought about a while back, but some dude who went to Oxford and then became Archbishop of Canterbury, and then like a Saint summed it up in words. I've like thought about it quite a bit though. I'm spending ages and ages learning stuff, starting a PhD etc, but what really is the point, 'cause when I die I loose all the knowledge. I might as well clean windows for a living and still try and live my life to the full. I suppose I might earn more cash than a window cleaner, which would enable me to do more living. I dunno, and I suppose I'm getting paid to learn now, so that's all good.

Oh yeah, the quote.

Live as though you will die tomorrow, learn as though you will live forever

    St. Edmund of Abingdon

Derig took bloody ages and yet I'm not pissed off, which means I'll be about to rig on Tuesday. I sense Tuesday will kill me though.

Oh crap it's almost 3am. Maybe I should be going to bed now!

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