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September 3, 2004

Room rebuilt and unpacked!

Well people who remember what I said when I moved into this room that I was having issues on getting furniture where I wanted it. Well I think I'm finally there. I've also unpacked everything, and hidden loads of boxes in the loft (which is out-of-bounds really, but as porter is relocating there... might as well go the whole hog!).

Well I know that JustAnt would like to know what it looks like, and others may be interested in a whole voyeuristic how does Ed live thing.

For people who have been in Russ's room, I can only think of two people who read the blog, it's hard to recognise it as the same room!

Thinking I need a nice pot plant on the coffee table to make it look nice, still looks a bit bare and stuff. Oh well.

I've also made a movie of a walkthrough... how exciting. You'll be wanting DivX to play it.

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