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September 1, 2004

The insurace saga continues...

Phoned up Endsleigh to ask for a quote, just for the hell of it as I expected it would be huge like all the other quotes I've got from them. I was very impressed by the phone conversation. The girl knew exactly what she was talking about, turns out that she was in the Nottingham branch too, less than a mile from the house! Can't get much closer than that. It wasn't a coincidence either... 'cause when you call the 0800 number it goes through to the closest branch, instead of a call centre on the otherside of the world. As expected the quote was over 100 quid more than the Zurich one.

Phoned Direct Line too, who refused to insure a house of friends. I asked if it would be ok if I was sleeping with them and was told that I would be able to get insured... but as I'm not I can't. How silly is that? They also don't deal with landlords... I'm not a landlord I said... very bolshy woman on the phone, but then I did start to get bolshy back.

Anyways, off to the pub with the newly wed Mike and Ellie tonight. That'll confuse the TECcys... :) Note the 'e' on the end of the name... well I think there is meant to be one... Sarah will correct me no doubt.

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